Go to www.NJDareDevils.net, click on the "Register" menu item, select the "Tournament" menu item and register as requested.

Or, click on the following link to go directly to the Frankenfest Registration Form: https://njdaredevils.net/tournament/register

If you originally registered for the Frankenfest Tournament with only team and contact information, you must register again by entering team and contact informtion along with full/complete roster.  We do not have the ability to edit/change the original team information registration.

If you are putting two or three teams on the ice, please create separate registrations and rosters for each team by calling them different color teams or different skill level teams, as examples.

All players and coaches must be properly registered with ASHA to be allowed on the ice or on the bench.  This includes having the Team Manager and Head Coach (as well as assistant coaches) having completed/current PYS Background Checks and Child Safety Training Courses.

Tournament rosters will be checked against the ASHA registration records, and you will be contacted with any discrepancies.

Contact Angie Donnelly for any questions about the Frankenfest Tournament at  AsstTeamManager@NJDareDevils.net.