How to:  Find out NJ Dare Devils Game and Practice Schedules

How many ways are there to find out what, when and where games are scheduled for the NJ Dare Devils?  The quick answer is 4.

1 – On the NJDD Home Page, on the right hand side of the Home Page,” Upcoming Games” and ”Upcoming Practices” are listed (only the next four).  Click on the arena link and you will see a map and address/directions to the game site from

2 – On the NJDD Home Page, click on the “Master Schedule” menu item, and you will be able to see all NJDD games and practices scheduled throughout the season.  Click on the “Title” of the game, and you will be able to see any information written about the game.  Click on the “Venue” and you will see the address and be able to click on a map/directions from

3 – If the Scrolling News contains a headline about the next home or away game, click on the news item.  If there is any information about these games, a new window will pop up with details about the game similar to what is listed in item #2 above.

4 – If all else fails, you can always click on the date on the “Calendar” on the left side of the Home Page.  Whatever games, practices or events are scheduled in the website will show up for the date in question. Click on the venue link that shows for the date in question, and you will be able to whatever information has been created for that particular game, practice or event.